Cochlear launches first off-the-ear hearing device

New Delhi [India], Sept 2 : The world leader in implantable hearing solutions Cochlear Limited today announced the launch of its newest innovation Kanso a sound processor combining the most advanced sound processing technology with a discreet design.

"Our recipients are at the heart of everything we do and this innovation is in direct response to us listening to our customers.

We identified the need in the market place for a solution that provides the advanced technology of a Cochlear sound processor combined with a discreet design.

Kanso offers our customers all that and much more," said Regional Director South Asia at Cochlear, Vandana Pisharody.

Kanso is the smallest and lightest off-the-ear sound processor on the market one to two providing the wearer with both discretion as well as enhanced comfort.

The new technology is simple, discreet and smart as it has the ability to automatically adjust to different hearing environments providing a seamless experience from visiting a restaurant, to going to the movies.

Kanso includes state-of-the-art Cochlear True Wireless technology, which helps people use the phone, hear over distance and in noisy situations.

The True Wireless range of accessories allows the wearer to stream conversation, phone calls, music and television programs directly to their sound processor.

"We are thrilled to be able to offer this new technology to the millions of people around the world living with disabling hearing loss," said Senior Vice President of Design and Development Cochlear, Jan Janssen.

"Kanso features Cochlear's industry-leading technology, including dual microphones, SmartSound (Regd) iQ with SCAN and True Wireless technology which all enable the wearer to hear better in difficult listening situations.

Kanso provides wearers with best-in-class hearing performance in the real world," he added. In Kanso clinical trials, 88 percent of people rated their overall hearing performance with Kanso to be the same or better than with their behind-the-ear sound processor.

Most participants rated Kanso better than their own behind-the-ear sound processor on measures of comfort, look and feel and ease of use, with 93 percent of users rating listening to music with Kanso to be the same or better as with their behind-the-ear processor.

Hearing loss is often not thought of as a debilitating health issue. However in adulthood it is associated with greater unemployment, increased risk of poor health, depression and increased risk of other conditions including dementia.

Source: ANI