David Bowie’s popular song to release post his death

Karachi, July 25 : The composition of rock icon David Bowie, a popular music figure for over five decades, will continue to please the music lovers even post his death.

Bowie's latest box set will include one of his original, unreleased album 'The Ghouster' in its entirety with original artwork, reports The Express Tribune.

The legendary singer recorded the set as part of his epic album 'Young American' while he was working on his other album 'Soul'.

The song captures fashion among young African Americans in Chicago at that time. Tony Visconti, the late musicians' long-time producer, in an excerpt from the liner notes said, "David had a long infatuation with soul as did I.

We were fans of the TV show 'Soul Train'. The new version of 'The Gouster' will begin with an extended, funkier version of 'John, I'm Only Dancing', Bowie's 1972 single that was once considered risque for its gay theme.