Frustrated Madhesi looking for new ways of protesting: Madhesi Leader

Kathmandu [Nepal], Nov. 16 : As Nepal Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal failed to table a Constitution amendment proposal by the said time and agitating forces have warned of withdrawing support to the government, the frustrated people of the Terai region are looking for alternate ways to protest.

Anil Kumar Jha, the president of Nepal Sadhvawana Party, who was back in the capital after visit to the Madhesh for over a week, told ANI, "The protest last year which ran for more than six months witnessed the death of more than four dozen people and still the demands made by the Madhesi parties are not addressed.

The Madhesh based parties who went on protest in singular form got support from other disgruntled parties and now is planning to stage protest making joint alliance." "The people of Terai and others who feel themselves under privileged are very much frustrated and they are thinking about the alternative way of struggle and they are very much angry with the parties who were in the favor of promulgation of constitution one year back," said Jha.

Jha also alleged that the government machinery is strengthening the military forces to suppress the movement planned by the alliance, instead of finding long term solutions.

"They are keeping police post, armed police post, Nepal Army post in the Terai area. They are strengthening army and military- armed police forces and their barracks in Terai. They are not thinking in the positive way that if the people are frustrated no military, no armed police force and no government security forces can make them normal," he said that the government should instead address the genuine demands of the people.

He added that more than 50 of their MP's voted in the favor of the new Prime Minister and the Nepali Congress as they have agreed to address their demands but were now simply prolonging the procedure and thus losing confidence of the agitating parties.

"It's their duty to fulfill the genuine demands of the Madhesi community and other under privileged community of this country.

But they are prolonging that's why our confidence, level of confidence upon the government, upon the ruling alliance parties other than the agitating parties are actually in very much confusing state that's why we have given them the 15 days ultimatum,".

Source: ANI