Government has run out of real options: Congress on MFN status and Indus Water Treaty

New Delhi, [India], Sept 27 : The Congress on Tuesday downplayed the endeavours initiated by NDA government at the Centre against Pakistan, saying that the latter has run out of real and substantive options.

Congress leader Manish Tewari said that both repealing the MFN status and reviewing the Indus Water Treaty won't affect Pakistan "The honourable Prime Minister needs to be complimented for going to great lengths to cover the inadequacy and the inefficiency of both his government's response and the fact that they do not seem to have a plan of action.

The MFN is a dead letter, most of the trade between India and Pakistan is a third entry trade. Pakistan has never reciprocated the MFN status which India has given. So, for all practical status, the MFN is a dead letter. So, even if you want to review a dead letter, it just shows that you are out of real and substantive options," said Tewari.

"As far as the Indus Water Treaty is concerned, the kind of steps which have been reported in the papers, they will take ten years to implement.

You do not build hydel projects overnight. So, if at all, if the Prime Minister is reviewing the Indus Water Treaty, he is looking at it in a long term," he added.

In a letter to Prime Minister Modi, Rajya Sabha MP Rajeev Chandrashekhar wrote he had submitted a private members bill and a resolution in Parliament titled 'Pakistan State Sponsor of Terror' and expressed hope that it will be considered in the Winter Session.

He further added that use of our economic buttons like repealing Pakistan's MFN status will also send a strong message to those countries in our region that wittingly or unwittingly support Pakistan.

India yesterday decided to suspend the meeting of the Indus Water Commission and find out ways to use its share of water of rivers flowing into Pakistan.

"Blood and water cannot flow simultaneously," Prime Minister Modi said. India is to expedite construction on three dams on River Chenab; Pakul Dul Dam, Sawalkot Dam and Bursar Dam.

According to sources, in the meeting chaired by PM Modi, it was discussed that 'India will use fullest legal rights in treaty'.

India is to use potential of 18,000 MW of power from the western rivers under Indus water treaty, construction on Tulbul navigation project to be reviewed by India again, work had been suspended on this in 2007.

Inter-ministerial task force for Indian rights, to be formed for western rivers under Indus water treaty.

Source: ANI