The Little Mermaid


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mermaid1 Long ago there lived a Sea King in a coral palace that was very deep at the bottom of a sea. He had six mermaid daughters. While the five of his them were very happy, the youngest of the princess was unhappy. She did not smile even once.
The Little Mermaid loved the world above the sea. She often swam to the surface of the sea and stared at the brilliant blue sky, the luminous yellow sun and the green trees of the distant land. She used to feel sad when the time to get back home came. She felt that without the wonders of the earth and sky, she could never be happy. mermaid2
mermaid3 Beautiful fish, waving plant fronds, shells of various sizes and shapes and many other wondrous things of the sea, failed to satisfy her. Not even the amusing stories told by her father or the funny tricks of her sisters could make her happy or extract a smile.
In the middle of a night, the Little Mermaid left her home and came to the surface, secretly. In the dark and stormy night, the wind wailed and the high waves crashed wildly against the rocks on the shore. A flash of lightning threw light on a ship rolling and pitching on the high seas. Beside the ship a young man was signaling for help. mermaid4


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