The Little Mermaid

Page No : 3
mermaid9 The little Mermaid reached the royal palace feeling that the young man would recognize her as the rescuer. A grand ball was being held in the palace. Not knowing anything about the girl, the palace guards did not allow her inside. Neither could she say anything about herself.
Listening to the gay music coming from the palace, the little Mermaid started dancing merrily. Seeing her beautiful dance, the guard allowed her inside the palace. mermaid10
mermaid11 Bright lamps lit the garden where the air was filled with music and laughter. Even as she was dancing she was searching for her man and finally found him to be sitting on the throne. He was the prince of the kingdom. Beside him, sat the beautiful princess with lovely hair. He said that the Little Mermaid danced wonderfully, without knowing that it was she who rescued him.
Then came an announcement from the King. Thinking that girl who sat beside him rescued him; he declared that he would be marrying her. That announcement left the princess in tears. She ran out of the palace and reached the edge of the sea. mermaid12

Sad about what happened to her, she entered the sea again to live beneath the sea for the rest of her life.

It is believed that the said Little Mermaid still visits the place where she first saw the handsome young price.


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