The Little Mermaid

Page No : 2
mermaid5 The little Mermaid immediately headed towards him and rescued. She brought him to the shore and rested him gently against a rock. She fell in love with this young man, the most handsome, she had ever seen. Seeing the approach of a beautiful young girl, after the storm subsided, the Little Mermaid left the surface and reached the palace at the bottom of the ocean.
The first thing the young man saw when he opened his eyes was the beautiful girl with lovely hair. He was very grateful to her, thinking that it was she who rescued him. This beautiful girl was a princess and witnessed the rescue act from the window above. She took him to her palace where the young man changed his clothes. mermaid6
mermaid7 The little Mermaid always thought of the young man. She asked the Magic Witch of the Seashore to grant her a wish. That she should be free of her shiny fish tail so that she could walk and dance on the land. Listening carefully and without saying anything, the witch stirred her magic potions in a large black cauldron.
The witch agreed to grant her the wish on a condition. That the little Mermaid will be able to walk and dance, but not talk and sing. She would lose the power of her speech. The Mermaid agreed and was soon transformed into a beautiful girl, wearing splendid clothes. mermaid8

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