KJo dubs media-celebs relationship as ‘very odd but deeply committed’

New Delhi, July 22 : Karan Johar, one of the B-Town A-listers who are always under the media's spotlight, recently gave a perfect definition to describe the link between media and celebrities - "very odd but deeply committed relationship" in a "dysfunctional family, or a marriage." In his latest article for NDTV, the 44-year-old filmmaker, with ultimate wit and humour, spoke about the symbiotic relationship of sweetness and sour between the two. "You can compare it to a dysfunctional family, or a marriage that shouldn't be, but when you look at the very odd but deeply committed relationship between celebrities and the media that follows them, you'll realize that these are analogies that really work," he starts the article. "It's very easy for the media to bicker and grumble about their chosen subjects and, in turn, for the stars to dismiss them - to look at them often with the enthusiasm of a child facing an injection. And yet, deep down, we're also happy to see them. We delight in seeing ourselves on magazine covers, newspaper pages, on the top TV shows as the "newsmakers of the day." Equally, journalists are always grumbling about the inaccessibility, the unavailability, the lack of affability of celebs," he added. Karan further said that the media and celebs are the couples, who are permanently annoyed and upset with each other, but never file for divorce. Further, speaking about the easily accessible social media, the 'Student of the year' maker said, "Social media is our mistress. But a very available one who never plays hard to get." "We don't stray for too long and we follow predictable lines: the media is the nagging spouse, the star they're after the evasive, elusive partner," he added.