Mahesh Sharma’s suspends security personnel for thrashing guards

Ghaziabad, Aug 19 : Union Culture Minister Mahesh Sharma on Friday said that he has suspended his private security personnel after he thrashed security guards of a housing society for enquiring about his visit.

He also offered an unconditional apology for their behaviour. Three security guards of Ashiana Greens were brutally thrashed by Sharma's private security personnel yesterday for enquiring about the purpose of his visit.

Sharma further said that that he was a frequent visitor to the society as his sister lives there and was well aware of security protocols.

"He was my private security guard. My guard and the security guard of the society had a scuffle. The scuffle was caused because my guard told him that being a minister, I could have been exempted and let the guards complete the procedure," he said.

The security guards claimed that Sharma was questioned for merely two minutes after which he was allowed to enter.

"Took hardly two minutes for us to open the gate, still the Minister's security personnel thrashed and abused us," said Ajay Yadav, security supervisor and one of the victims.

Pankaj Kumar, secretary, Resident Welfare Association, told ANI that the incident had caused an outrage among the apartment dwellers.

"People of the housing society are angry; this is not the way to behave. We will approach police in this regard," he said. Kumar further said that the incident had caused discomfort to the security guards making them unable to discharge their duties.

Deputy Superintendent of Police Atul Yadav told ANI that a complaint was filed by the apartment's secretary and assured of an investigation in the matter.

Source: ANI