Michelle Keegan says its ‘awkward’ to see herself romancing onscreen

Washington D.C.[USA], Sept. 5 : Michelle Keegan recently stated that while her husband Mark Wright is all fine with her steamy on-screen romance, she herself gets embarrassed sometimes and feels 'awkward' to see her own kissing scenes.

The 29-year-old actress, who shares a sizzling romp with actor Luke Pasqualino in her new drama 'Our Girl', said, "He has seen the first episode of 'Our Girl' already.

But I've been with Mark for four years now, so he's seen me kiss a lot of men on screen," reports the Daily Star.

While insisting that her beloved hubby Mark keeps fine with story-lines including on-screen romance, she said "He knows it's a job and that it's in the script.

It is a little bit awkward for me watching that scene back." Admitting nervous about filming sex scenes for the first time with 26-year-old heartthrob Luke, the 'Ordinary Lies' actress said, "I'd never done anything like that.

But it looks worse than it was, it was literally just kissing and taking a top off." "Luke was brilliant, he became one of my best mates on set and made me feel comfortable, so did the director.

It's about being around the right people," she added. Earlier this week, Michelle also slammed rumours buzzing about her marriage suffering hard time, the action was following reports that stated she was reportedly pictured several times without the wedding ring while filming 'Our Girl' in South Africa.

Source: ANI