Orlando Bloom unhappy of ‘naked’ glory

London, Aug. 6 : After a week-long silence, Orlando Bloom has expressed anger over his uncensored naked pictures that were leaked on the social media.

During his holiday in Sardinia, the actor was snapped with nothing on while paddle boarding with his girlfriend Katy Perry.

According to an insider close to the 39-year-old 'Lord of the Ring' star, he's "mortified," reports the Mirror.

The censored pictures were initially published in several leading dailies, after which the unpixelated version of it started circulating on the Internet.

However, the 31-year-old 'Dark Horse' hit-maker stands in support of her beau, "Katy (Perry) has been very supportive and understanding of his frustration and anger," a source told Hollywoodlife.

"She's been a calming voice in his ear as he deals with the embarrassment of the situation," he added.

Source: ANI