Pakistan providing safe havens to terrorists: Afghan envoy

Washington, July 30 : Afghanistan's Ambassador to the United States Hamdullah Mohib has reiterated Kabul's claim that Pakistan provides a safe haven to militants and terrorists.

Addressing the Aspen Security Forum on Friday, Mohib alleged that terrorists safely reside in Pakistani cities and are openly raising funds there under the protection of the security forces.

The discussion was also attended by Pakistan's Deputy Chief of Mission Rizwan Saeed Sheikh. Mohib said, "The militant leadership has been in cities in Pakistan and not just on the border or crossing.

They are raising money openly in Pakistani cities, in Karachi for example with the guard or the watch of the Pakistani military or the security establishment." He further said that Kabul's allegations against Islamabad are supported by the fact that al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden, Taliban Heads Mullah Mansoor and Mullah Omar, all were found in Pakistan and added that the Quetta Shura, a militant organisation composed of leaders of the Afghan Taliban, is also located within the city of Quetta in the Balochistan.

Mohib said that Afghanistan does not tolerate terrorists as they are a global threat and called on Pakistan not to provide sanctuary to them.

He pointed out that commitments promised at the Afghanistan-Pakistan-US-China Quadrilateral Group have not been fulfilled.

He also appealed to Pakistan to not differentiate between 'Good and 'Bad' Taliban. "There should be no distinction between good or bad terrorists. There are no good or bad terrorists. They targeted the ones affecting Pakistan but did not target the ones affecting Afghanistan," said Mohib.

Source: ANI