Pollution woes: Delhi Government issues health advisory

New Delhi [India], Nov. 7 : In the wake of rising level of air pollution in the national capital, the Delhi Government on Monday issued a health advisory for the general public.

The advisory includes the following guidelines: .Avoid visiting high pollution area. .People with chronic airway disease, like Bronchial asthma and lung disease should avoid outdoor activities including morning and evening walk.

.Patient with chronic airway disease, like Bronchial Asthma and lung disease should not miss their medicine/inhalers etc.

.In case of breathlessness, giddiness, chest pain or chest constriction or irritation in eyes, etc. should visit the nearest hospital/dispensary or their physician. .Keep washing your eyes with running water regularly. .Don't get panic. Help the needy patient to seek medical help. .Take plenty of fluids and Vitamin C rich fruits, e.g. oranges, lemon, etc. .Do regular gargles with warm water. The Department of Environment, Delhi earlier today issued guidelines for the strict enforcement under relevant provisions of the Air (Prevention (and) Control of Pollution) Act 1981 in the national capital to curb the rise in air pollution covering the city post Diwali celebrations.

With the visibility on roads showing some improvement on the first day of the week after the dust and smog choked the capital with worst levels in 17 years, the weather and pollution experts hoped that the situation will show some improvement on Tuesday.

The ambient air quality measurement showed no significant change in the levels of PM 2.5 and PM 10..

Source: ANI