PSO tying shoes: ‘VIP’ Odisha minister makes somersault, says suffering from ‘knee problem’

Bhubaneswar (Odisha), Aug. 16 : In a somersault, Odisha minister Jogendra Behera, who had yesterday said his Personal Security Officer's (PSO) strapping his shoes was justified as he was a "VIP", on Tuesday said he had problem in his left knee that was why the security official volunteered to tie his shoelaces.

"My left leg is in a lot of pain. I can't bend. In fact, I have been consulting an AIIMS doctor in Delhi.I can show you prescriptions. The PSO volunteered to tie my shoelaces. He is like my son. I am thankful to him. If the media think I have done something wrong, I will be careful now on," Behera told ANI. Family doctor of Behera, Rajesh Rana said the Cabinet Minister's left knee is totally damaged and he has severe arthritis.

"He is going to AIIMS tomorrow and there will be a replacement. He is not in a condition to stand on his left leg. There is problem in both the knees but more in the left leg. Total knee replacement is the only solution. It's a major surgery. He can't take weight in his left leg. It is very difficult to stand on left knee for a long period of time," he added. Behera earlier seemed surprised at all the fuss, saying repeatedly that he was a VIP. "Well, I have hoisted the flag.the personal security officer did not," he explained. However, the minister's clarification came after he drew flak from several quarters when a video of the episode went viral.

Source: ANI