Sex CD row: Valmiki community demands Kejriwal’s resignation

New Delhi [India], Sept. 3 : Extremely upset over the sex CD row involving sacked AAP minister Sandeep Kumar, the Valmiki community staged a protest outside Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal's residence here on Saturday demanding that he should step down on moral grounds as his party ministers are indulging in shameful acts defaming the Dalit community.

The protestors, who marched from St. Xavier school to Kejriwal's residence in the Civil lines area, raised slogans against the Chief Minister as well as the AAP Government in Delhi.

"The Dalit community has never been involved in things like these and Sandeep Kumar indulged in immoral acts despite being the member of our community.

We are here to protest against the corrupt ministers of the Delhi Government," said one of the protestors.

"Kejriwal should resign on the basis of ethics because his ministers are doing shameful acts and defaming the Dalit community.

When ministers are indulging in such indecent acts then what impression will it leave in the eyes of the people," he added.

Kumar, who was sacked as Delhi minister earlier this week over an objectionable video and photographs, was on Saturday suspended from the party's primary membership.

On Wednesday, Kejriwal announced the decision to sack Kumar after receiving an objectionable CD. Kejriwal said that he would prefer to forfeit his party but never tolerate corruption and wrongful activities, as the AAP does not believe in hiding flaws of its members.

Commenting on Kumar's "misdeeds", Kejriwal said that his former Cabinet colleague has betrayed the party and the people of Delhi.

Kumar, however, denied the allegations on Thursday and played the Dalit card while claiming that the video was fabricated.

Source: ANI