US strongly supports India’s pitch for justice in Mumbai, Pathankot attacks: Kerry

New Delhi [India], Aug. 30 : Explaining United States' stand on Pakistan-sponsored terrorism in India, US Secretary of State John Kerry on Tuesday said the U.S.

strongly supports India's pitch for justice in the Mumbai and Pathankot terrorist attacks. "We are standing fully behind India demanding that there be justice with respect to the Mumbai attacks.

We have had conversations with all members of the region about efforts they need to take to control terrorism that comes out of their countries; and that is true with everybody, anywhere in the world," said Kerry.

He reiterated that there should be no differentiation between 'good' and 'bad' terrorist, a practice Pakistan has been often accused of by favouring terrorists affecting peace in Afghanistan and cracking down on terrorist challenging its own authority.

"In my opening comments, I made it very-very clear that the United States stands in strong partnership with India against all terrorism no matter where it comes from; no matter what forms it takes.

And as I said, there is no good terrorist here and bad terrorist here. Terrorism is terrorism," said Kerry. "So, I think it is crystal clear that the United State and India are of exactly the similar mind and with respect to the issue of terror and the need to not only prevent it but bring those to justice who perpetrate it," he said.

External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj also agreed with Kerry's comments stating that the U.S. Secretary shares the same view point on terrorism. "As Kerry said he agreed on all four points that there should be no differentiation between good terrorists and bad terrorists, no government or country should be a haven to terrorism and there should be fast and strict measures against Mumbai and Pathankot terrorists and along with it he also agreed to support us at the U.N.

committee that bans terrorists and terrorist organisations," said Swaraj. She added that talks with Kerry give a very positive direction to the relationship..

Source: ANI