Home Remedies


Here are some time tested remedies to treat your minor ailments, the ingredients needed are readily found in your own kitchen. There are many alternative cures suggested for each ailment. Choose the one most suited to you, and help yourself.

Please note that these recommended remedies are not a substitute to your physician advise or substitute to allopathic drugs subscribed by your doctor. It is recommended that a physician should be consulted for advice in event of any doubts about the remedies.


Common Diseases


Acidity Corns Intestinal Worms Piles
Acne Diarrhoea Jaundice Pyorrhea
Anaemia Depression Kidney stones Rheumatism
Asthma Diabetes Lice Ringworm
Alcoholism Eczema Morning Sickness Sprains
Anorexia Ear Ache Mouth ulcer Sore Throat
BP-High Gas Malaria Toothache
BP-Low Gout Measles Ulcers
Cold Headache Mumps Vertigo
Cough Hiccups Nose bleed Vomiting
Constipation Halitosis Neuritis Weak Memory
Chicken pox Insominia Obesity